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Btrade Parts, quality at  your service:

- Ultrasonic washings
- Complete overhaul cylinder heads
- Reaming cylinders
- Grinding heads seats and housing valve
- Special cycle of revision intercooler
- Revision heat exchangers
- Grinding crankshaft
- Revision pumps water-oil
- Recovery and correction engine block
- Complete overhaul engine
- Revision injection pumps and injectors
- Revision starters
- Interventions on pistons, connecting rods
- Reviewing turbochargers
- Electronically balanced
- Special welds
- Assembly and Testing
- Regenerated engines
Entrusted to our Mechanical Workshops area Certified
UNI EN ISO: 9001/2008
The Mechanical workshops Authorized Btrade offer you, maintenance services, revisions,
adjustments and processing for your engines and components.  Quality First!
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